Now goodlooks presents a refill pack of 28 gms @ 1599/-. Just re-fill your existing rodwick empty bottle and save on bottle cost. Just call us and get your refill pack.

A proven formula in US with no side effects

Look Ten Years Younger

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Rodwick Hair Fibers

Rodwick covers baldness like never before, and is successful in USA as well. We have brought it for you to India now. Unlike many of the other cosmetic solutions available in the market, Rodwick is totally undetectable. It's not a colored spray paint, or a messy cream. The results that you'll achieve with Rodwick will completely exceed the experience that you had with other products.






Rodwick Hair Fibers

Get rid of baldness in just 15 seconds flat.

Presenting you RODWICK HAIR FIBERS, An effective solution

  •  Microfibers that gel to existing hair.
  •  Easy to use cosmetic solution
  •  Works in just 15 seconds.
  •   No messy creams, no fuss & stains.
  •  Washes easily with any shampoo.



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